What happened to Seattle?

Seattle is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Long after Seattle lost its reputation as America’s most livable city, it still had an image as a squeaky clean city. New York City is full of Jewish bankers, while LA is famous for its street gangs. Washington, D.C. is the global mecca of political corruption, but Seattle, Washington will always be a nice place to live.

However, Seattle’s image began to fray as homelessness became a more conspicuous phenomenon even before the pandemic. Suddenly, Americans across the country were shocked by videos titled “Seattle is Dying.” What on earth was going on?

However, the truth is still buried under a mountain of propaganda. We’re told that Seattle’s homeless people are from other states, and most of the city’s problems can be traced to drugs, end of story.

Sorry to rain on Bill Gates’ parade, but that’s all bullshit. Allow me to set the record straight . . .

I don’t know what percentage of Seattle’s homeless people are home grown, but there are certainly plenty of lost souls who were born and raised in Seattle. Last winter, I ran into a homeless man who was one of my students when I was a teacher. I don’t know exactly how he fell through the cracks, but I do know Seattle’s public schools were no help.

Seattle’s schools were reportedly among the best in the nation in the 1960s. However, they turned into a maze of bureaucratic tyranny at least by the mid-1980s, when I started working for the Seattle School District. No, the schools were not destroyed by drugs or homeless people. In 1995, a derelict retired general named John Stanford was recruited to serve as the new Seattle Schools superintendent. He appeared to be nothing but a whore for Big Business, but the head of the octopus was apparently actually a Jewish billionaire named Eli Broad.

So, what wrecked Seattle’s public schools? I would say it was one part establishment corruption and manipulation (starring Bill Gates and the Jews) and one part public apathy, stupidity, and spinelessness.

Fake City ˆ

Ironically, Seattle is probably America’s second most famous bastion of liberalism after San Francisco. Like San Francisco, it also has a reputation as a capital of high-tech. Therefore, people assume that Seattleites are very intelligent and very progressive. And since Bill Gates is the world’s most famous philanthropist, Seattle has to be a utopia. Except it’s exactly the opposite.

In fact, the famous Seattle liberals are as phony as Bill Gates’ philanthropy. When I became an education activist in the mid-1990s, I quickly learned that people in Seattle don’t give a damn about their own children. All they care about is their Microsoft stocks. One might think they’re a bunch of Jews. In fact, the Jews increasingly control Seattle, which might be likened to a mini-New York City.

It’s worth noting that many, if not most, Seattleites are not from Seattle. They therefore have no roots in the community (assuming there’s a community to begin with). Many are shallow yuppies who will never have roots, period.

Establishment Corruption ˆ

The political-corporate corruption in Seattle has long been off the chart. Consider King County Executive Greg Nickels, who spent $1.1 billion on Sound Transit and had nothing to show for it but blueprints. Instead of going to prison, Nickels ran for Mayor of Seattle. The unbelievably stupid sheeple elected him!

Seattle’s transformation into a sewer can be blamed largely on Bill Gates, the Seattle Times, and their legions of mindless disciples.

More recently, voters elected Ed Murray, who was apparently a gay pedophile. (Among his accusers was his cousin.)

Or we could talk about the Gates Foundation’s tax-subsidized headquarters, or the city’s two tax-subsidized sports stadiums, including one built for multi-billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Who could forget Governor Gary Locke appointing Bill Gates’ asshole of a father as the head of a state tax commission?

In plain English, Seattle is one big criminal enterprise inhabited by meandering mobs of clueless citizens who have been beaten down by crappy education, authoritarian masters, drugs, and on and on.

Open Secrets ˆ

Seattle’s race to the ground is nothing new. Emmett Watson was a columnist with the Seattle Times and Post-Intelligencer who criticized Seattle’s unbridled growth and urban renewal until his death in 2001.

Consider this article, which was published before the pandemic: “Is Seattle losing its soul?” (Jayson Jenks, Seattle Times, March 30, 2018). I recall another article, or perhaps a series, titled, I believe, “Has Seattle Lost Its Soul?” which was published perhaps two decades ago. Curiously, I can’t find it now; it was likely scrubbed from the Internet by Seattle’s army of gatekeepers, hardly surprising since it pinned much of the blame on Microsoft. There’s no better example than the Seattle Weekly’s classic exposé “Who REALLY Runs Seattle.,” most of which has been erased.

Though I never specifically predicted the homeless crisis or the pandemic, I knew Seattle was headed towards a very dark and scary place two decades ago or more. It was simple logic; how can a city not crash and burn when it is up to its eyeballs in establishment corruption and public apathy?

* * * * *

So, if you visit Seattle and are dumbfounded by apocalyptic views of people sleeping on sidewalks or using them as latrines, don’t be surprised, and don’t be too quick to blame the victims, liberals, Muslims, or communists. Just as the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves, so did the people of Seattle shit in their own backyard. Corrupt politicians and media whores have screwed Seattleites back to the Stone Age, while wealthy yuppies living on Queen Anne Hill and Jews residing on Mercer Island give would be political activists the middle finger. Most of the teachers I worked with back in the 1980s were brainless bimbos; I can’t even imagine what they’re like today. Most of the people I work with today are identical to my neighbors—moronic assholes and trailer park trash I have no desire to associate with.

The million-dollar question is what is the solution?

As they say, you can’t help an alcoholic unless he admits he has a drinking problem. Likewise, I can’t imagine how Seattle could ever be made whole without somehow educating and rallying ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, that appears to be virtually impossible. In nearly three decades of political activism, I have never been able to organize even a tiny group of reformers, nor have I ever discovered a political organization in this city that wasn’t as phony as Bill Gates’ philanthropy.

Seattle’s problems and the roots of those problems are so severe and deeply entrenched, I’m very skeptical of the possibility of this city ever truly recovering. If our batshit crazy government succeeds in starting World War III, maybe China will nuke Seattle, allowing people to move back in (once the radiation has diminished) and make a fresh start.