Stay Classy, Seattle

(This item was originally posted on April 9, 2017)

Seattle’s Jewish (er, “alternative”) media never stop crowing about how progressive Seattle is.

We have legalized gay marriage, backed up by a gay mayor who’s married to his partner. (And no one is cooler or more progressive than Mayor Ed Murray.) We have legalized marijuana. We have an army of progressive activists who exploded like an army of protesting lemmings when Donald Trump was (s)elected pResident. And how can anyone argue with the 1,000 people who are moving to Seattle every week to fill all those jobs offered by Amazon?

Time for a rather bleak reality check. How far are people who are earning minimum wage at Amazon and shelling out $1,500 or more for an apartment going to go? How are all those new high-rise apartment complexes going to make Seattle a more tightly knit community?

In the meantime, Amazon’s success is forcing other companies to lay off workers. Ironically, some of these people could wind up in Seattle as part of the city’s chronic homeless population.

By the way, is it true that most of the anti-Trump activists were recruited via CraigsList? And where were all those activists during the eight years when Obama was doing the same things George W. Bush did?

Then there’s the marijuana soap opera. Seattle’s most profitable pot shop is a joint operated by a Jewish scumbag who set up his operation about two hundred feet away from a church. And for customers with dirty cars, he also established a car wash nearby.

Last but not least is Mayor Blow Job. Ed Murray has been accused of molesting troubled teens in his younger days. Though I haven’t had time to do a lot of investigating, it sounds like the situation is serious. More than one individual has made accusations, and there’s a lawsuit in the works.

My hunch is that Bill Gates will give the plaintiffs a lot of money to settle out of court. If Gates isn’t feeling generous, then Fast Eddie may be forced to pay the settlement himself. He’ll probably say something like, “I’m innocent, but this lawsuit was interfering with my progressive activism, so I decided to nip it in the bud.”

Ed Murray reminds me of some other really classy Seattleites who can be loosely labeled PP’s (prominent pedophiles). There was Reese Lindquist, a president of the Seattle Education Association (a corrupt teachers union) who used to hang out in a park trying to pick up young boys. He eventually got nailed and suddenly found himself ex-union president, though his record was apparently expunged.

Former Seattle City Councilmember and school board member Cheryl Chow was allegedly grooming Garfield High School students for sex while acting as interim principal after Al Jones was forced out (for having sex with students). Lucky Cheryl found a partner before she died of brain cancer, coming out of the closet shortly before her demise (which was damn good news for me).

Then there was Gary Little, the Seattle School District’s first general counsel before he became a judge “specializing” in troubled teens. Seattle’s classy media whores protected Little until the Seattle Post-Intelligencer finally broke the story. Little then did what I’d like to see Ed Murray and a lot of Jews do; he killed himself.

There are some striking similarities between Jews and gays. Both are persecuted minorities. The big difference is that gays really are persecuted, generally unfairly, while the typical Jew is a wealthy scam artist who just wants another government check because he claims he has some relatives who were persecuted by the Nazis over half a century ago. And anyone who suggests that the Jews were persecuted because they were parasites on the Germans is immediately labeled an ANTI-SEMITE.

So what are we to make of The Stranger, a Zionist weekly tabloid that proclaims its undying devotion to the gay community amidst all its porn and political schtick? In plain English, people in Seattle are afraid to criticize 1) Jews and 2) gay people regardless of their crimes. Adolf Hitler killed something like sixteen million Jews and gay people, therefore, anyone who criticizes Jews or gay people is as bad as Hitler. In fact, you could be even worse than Hitler, though many Jews will swear on a stack of bagels that it’s physically impossible for any human to be worse than Hitler.  Caligula, Vlad the Impaler and that Jewish rat bastard economist Milton Friedman were all saints compared to Hitler.

In the meantime, the showdown between black activist Omari Tahir-Garrett and Jewish scam artist turned pot shop entrepreneur Ian Eisenberg is probably getting more press than Mayor Blowjob. Here’s my interpretation of recent events.

First, gentrification (which is eerily similar to ethnic cleansing) is a very real thing in Seattle. I’m not talking about name calling; I’m talking about REAL THINGS.

Many black people are aware of the growing Jewish Mafia in Seattle and blame it for ethnic cleansing (er, “gentrification”). So the Jews fight back by focusing on some prominent activist who said something “anti-semitic,” a word that is worse than gentrification or the murder of more than one million people in Iraq.

As the subtitle of an editorial in the Seattle Weekly says, “Hate is hate, no matter the context.” Except the Jewish editorial board members probably laughed themselves hoarse as they wrote those words. They’re only to happy to see the U.S. and Israel ruin the lives of millions of people. The problem is ANTI-SEMITISM.

Regarding Omari Tahir-Garrett, I have no problem with what he said. Hate is hate, and I’m proud to hate Jewish media whores and sleazy pot shop operators who have the gall to peddle drugs right next to churches.

Which isn’t to say I support Omari 100%. He and I were both activists and school board candidates some time ago, though he was probably involved in activism long before me. I wanted to network with him but was never able to. I’ve never even met the guy in person. He had a reputation as being a little out there; a bit of a kook.

No one cheered louder than me when Omari made headlines after clobbering Mayor Paul Schell with a bullhorn. I don’t have time to relate the entire story here, but it was a real soap opera.

The media promote both Omari and his son as activists, frankly making me jealous. In their eyes, I’m just a “perennial candidate.”

So I have to wonder if it’s possible that Omari and his son have sold out. Omari spent nearly two years in prison after giving Schell what he deserved. (Actually, he deserved a fire hydrant shoved up his ass.) It’s possible that the Seattle Mafia finally broke Omari or simply made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

I’m not saying father and son are phony activists, but they don’t have my full support, either. I just give credit where credit’s due.

In the meantime, below are links to some articles about the showdown between Uncle Ike’s pot shop and the black community. I commented on all but the third article, though some of my comments have been deleted – but I scored some points.

On behalf of the Seattle Weekly, Casey Jaywork wrote, “David, I’m flagging this again. You can’t use words like ‘Jewarchy,’ period. Criticize Israel, criticize specific Jewish people for specific actions all you want, but as long as you keep posting Jewish conspiracy theories (which you are), they’ll get flagged and pulled from our comments.”

As far as I know, that’s the first time a Seattle media whore has used the word jewarchy in print. It’s also confirmation that Jews consider the word obscene and/or an accessory to a Jewish conspiracy theory. In fact, the word, which I coined, means nothing more than Jewish corruption, including, but not limited to, Zionism.

* * * * *
Seattle Is Showing a Double-Standard on Anti-Semitism (Editorial Board [i.e. a bunch of Jews], Seattle Weekly, April 5, 2017)
Jewish Pot Store Owner Told to ‘Go Back to Germany, Let Those Nazis Get On You’ (Casey Jaywork, April 3, 2017)
Central District Activist Tells Jewish Uncle Ike’s Owner to “Go Back to Germany” So Nazis Can “Get” Him Again (Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger, April 4, 2017)
We Asked Seattle Politicians to Respond to Activist Omari Tahir-Garrett’s Anti-Semitic and Anti-Asian Remarks (Steven Hsieh and Eli Sanders, The Stranger, April 6, 2017)
Rantz: Progressive Seattle activists have a disturbing anti-Semitism problem (Jason Rants,, April 6, 2017)

(I posted this: Hmmmm…If this kind of hate speech is a cardinal sin, then do you agree that U.S. military personnel who murder innocent civilians should be roasted even more severely? Of course not – they were only following orders. Besides, for the last eight years, the War on Terror has been led by Obama, a DEMOCRAT. So keep on bombing Muslims while ranting about citizens who are irritated by a businessman with a sleazy background who sets up a pot shop by a church. Hypocrites.)

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