Dead Assholes

Sadly, most members of Seattle’s pig class will never be held accountable for their crimes. However, we can at least commemorate them in death. Accordingly, I created this page as an online memorial for some of Seattle’s biggest assholes, may they burn in Hell.

This would also be a good place to anticipate the demise of two-legged cockroaches who are still among the living. One aging cretin who apparently hasn’t died yet is Edith Ruby, who I believe served as the school librarian at Ingraham High School. I was so dumbfounded by the arrogance and stupidity she displayed at teachers union meetings that I decided to coronate her as the official school district bimbo. Thanks for selling out the kids, asshole. (You can see a photo of this diim bulb here.)

Arlene Ackerman ˆ

I met Arlene Ackerman once when she was serving as the Seattle School District’s chief academic officer. She struck me as one helluva asshole. That was before I learned that she was a thug associated with the infamous Broad foundation. In plain English, she was a black woman who screwed black children for her Jewish masters.

When Seattle Schools Superintendent John Stanford’s “chief of staff,” retired general James Becton, left his post to become the superintendent of public schools in Washington, D.C., he took Ackerman with him as his assistant superintendent. When Becton, who admitted he couldn’t handle his new job, resigned, Ackerman took his place. I can’t remember the name of her assistant, but there’s an interesting story behind his appointment . . .

A Seattle teacher once told me that Ackerman (who was ironically married to one of my favorite principals) was having an affair with a principal from Lake Washington School District. I didn’t give the story much thought, until I learned that this principal was serving as the assistant superintendent of public schools in Washington, D.C. After Ackerman moved on, he went back to Lake Washington School District. But don’t quote me here; I heard the story long ago and can’t remember all the details, so it’s possible that Ackerman did not have an affair with her assistant.

Ackerman was a carpet-bagging whore who never gave a rat’s ass about her students. She was a principal in St. Louis, Missouri, before she relocated to Seattle. After her stint in Washington, D.C., she served as superintendent of public schools in San Francisco and Philadelphia before dying of pancreatic cancer in New Mexico.

No educator, Ackerman’s problems in San Francisco led to her resignation. She had an even stormier gig in Philadelphia, where she was forced to resign in return for $905,000 plus $86,000 in unused vacation pay. She then filed for unemployment.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, I doubt that there was one student who grieved when this self-serving slut expired.

Paul Allen ˆ

Was Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen as big an asshole as Bill Gates? If not, then he certainly offered some stiff competition.

Allen was apparently a megalomaniac who wanted people to think he was an expert on everything from the human brain to outer space. Back on Earth, Allen and his sister were charged with attempting to smuggle giraffe bones out of Africa. The Allens were sued by former members of their personal security detail, who accused them of criminal activity and sexual harassment. The Allens and their company, Vulcan, were sued.

More familiar was Allen’s megalomaniacal redevelopment of Seattle, which corrupt politicians and media whores dutifully supported. The bastard had the Kingdome demolished so it could be replaced by a new football stadium. The problem is that Mr. Multi-billionaire made taxpayers foot the bill. Then there’s Allen’s bizarro EMP music, or whatever it’s called today, which one media reporter compared to a crushed Coke can. It’s conveniently located at the Seattle Center, right across the street from the Gates Foundation.

There’s one nagging question I haven’t answered: did Paul Allen ever brush his teeth? I’ll never forget a photo in which his teeth were as green as a sloth’s algae-covered fur. The photo has apparently been scrubbed from the Internet, but sheez.

Now for the fun part. In 1982, Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He endured several months of radiation therapy, only to be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009. He was once again treated, but the cancer returned in 2018. By this time, Allen must have been sweating bullets and shitting bricks. Wouldn’t it have been funny if he been fighting cancer in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic?

In the end, Allen died from septic shock, which is said to be really painful. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving asshole.

Rick Anderson ˆ

In 2000, I ran for the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I received 8% of the vote, which I thought was very impressive considering my lack of money and experience, not to mention the multiple high-powered candidates I was running against.

One media whore who apparently thought my issues—like supporting children—were a joke was Rick Anderson, who dissed me in an article titled “The Tankers.” So, I was hardly choked up when I learned this corporate pedophile was dead. As a bonus, he reportedly suffered from both health and financial problems before he kicked the bucket. (The author of the second article I linked to is Knute Berger, another media whore I’m hoping will die of rectal cancer.)

Anderson wrote for a variety of corrupt media, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times. LOL!

Blair Butterworth ˆ

In 2013, Seattle’s Zionist tabloid The Stranger published “Two Wonderful People,” in which it commemorated two of Seattle’s smelliest assholes, Blair Butterworth and Cheryl Chow.

Butterworth was a political consultant who helped corrupt people get (s)elected governor or mayor (of Seattle). Butterworth was apparently a player in Seattle’s education mafia as well, serving as PTSA president at McClure Middle School.

Butterworth passed away after a lengthy struggle with cancer.

Cheryl Chow ˆ

Leave it to the Jews to praise a sack of shit like Cheryl Chow. Read the article “Two Wonderful People,” then read the comments and it’s clear The Stranger’s staff are divorced from reality.

Cheryl Chow and her mother, Ruby, are two of Seattle’s most famous Asian citizens. The sad thing is Ruby was a notorious racist, and Chery was an all around asshole. Cheryl served as a school principal and as a member of both the Seattle School Board and Seattle City Council.

In 1999, I ran for a seat on the Seattle School Board. One of my key issues was derelict principals. I was washed out in the primary election, but what happened later was pure magic. Towards the end of the year, it was revealed that Garfield High School principal was having sex with a student(s), was stealing money from the student fund, running from the IRS, and God knows what else.

After Jones was removed from his position, Cheryl Chow became the school’s interim principal. The irony was rich. You see, Chow was rumored to be grooming students for sex herself. However, there was a twist; Chow was rumored to be gay.

In fact, Chow later came out of the closet. She was widely praised for her courage, but she never came forward until about half a year before she died of brain cancer. On March 16, 2013— less than two weeks before her death—Chow married her partner, Sarah Morningstar. How cool is that?

I once rubbed elbows with Chow when I was running for public office. She struck me as Ms. Ice Cube, a comment Ive also heard from others. I thought I saw her a second time, shortly before her death. On behalf of all the children she shit on, I should have spat in her face.

David Fisher ˆ

After I became an education activist, I made the acquaintance of David Fisher (Aug. 1, 1947 ~ July 11, 2017), who was a teacher at Cleveland High School. He shared my interests in activism and conspiracy, yet we were poles apart.

You see, Fisher was what I call a union whore. In other words, he was a fake activist, and his thoughts on conspiracy were . . . well, unlike me, he never wrote any books. Fisher liked to trash-talk me. When I ran for public office, he would sometimes follow me and ridicule me, like a four-year-old.

So, I was amused to learn that this brainless cocksucker died in a “tragic fall.” I just wish I had a video of it, so I could watch it over and over. 😉

Bill Gates Sr. ˆ

William Henry Gates II (Nov. 30, 1925-Sept. 14, 2020) is better known as Bill Gates, Sr., the father of the world’s most famous nerd turned most famous phony philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft. Father and son also co-founded the phony Gates Foundation, with its tax-subsidized headquarters located near the Seattle Center.

A real power player, Gates was the founder of the law firm Shidler McBroom & Gates, which evolved into K&L Gates.

One has to wonder if Bill Gates would have ever been successful without the help of his father, who was a total piece of shit. Old Man Gates was associated with the Jewish congressional lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He was also appointed as the head of a state tax commission by Governor Gary Locke. And you wondered why Bill Gates doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes . . .

Gates Sr. was also famous for touring Africa with his shithead son, where they posed with African children as they peddled Microsoftware and/or genetically modified food. When I was a teacher, I also heard stories about Gates’ alleged involvement in a Seattle School District pedophile ring. The rumors may derive from the fact that Bill Gates (of Windows fame) attended the Lakeside School for Boys, where a sleazy creepo named Gary Little was teaching. Little was an attorney who was apparently very powerful politically, which would presumably make him a potential friend of Bill Gates Sr. Little was also a gay pedophile who killed himself after the media finally revealed his dirty little secret.

I have no idea if the rumors about Bill Gates Sr.’s involvement in a school district sex ring are true. However, they gained new life after revelations that Bill Gates Jr. was linked to the world famous Jewish sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2010, Gates Sr. was involved in a hit and run near the Gates Foundation headquarters. It was actually a hit and walk; the senile bastard apparently left the engine running as he opened the door and walked away. He later described the incident as a “senior moment” and escaped charges. In 2018, it was revealed that Gates was suffering from Alzheimer’s; that’s the same year Ellen Roe, who was also battling Alzheimer’s died. Maybe they were soul mates.

Ellen Roe ˆ

It seems like Ellen Roe spent 150 years on the Seattle School Board, but that’s impossible because she died at the age of 89. (One source says she died on Feb. 20, 2018, while the Seattle School District says it was Jan. 20.)

The stupid bitch reportedly died after battling Alzheimer’s, which apparently plagued her from birth. When it was revealed that Garfield High School principal Al Jones was having sex with students while running from the law, Roe triumphantly exclaimed “I told you so!” (or something of that nature). She reportedly warned other board members about Jones’ stormy history as a teacher with the school district before he embarked on what amounted to a cross-country crime spree.

The problem is, Roe never told the public. How many students were raped because that senile bitch didn’t come forward?

One mystery Roe took with her to the grave is her ass. On the one occasion when I saw her standing in public, I was struck by her figure; she looked like a skinny scarecrow with a burlap bag full of potatoes for an ass. I mentioned it to fellow school board candidate Martin Ringhofer, and he nodded his head in agreement. I suggest Ellen be commemorated with the nickname Spud Butt.

Paul Schell ˆ

Born Paul Ervin Schlachtenhaufen (Oct. 8, 1937-July 27, 2014), Paul Schell is probably Seattle’s most disgraced mayor. His primary claim to fame is the 1999 WTO protest, which turned into an epic display of police brutality. Schell’s reputation was bruised again two years later when a violent Mardi Gras celebration end with a fatality.

However, Schell wasn’t just a victim of bad luck. Seattle’s 50th mayor (1998-2002), he was a corrupt real estate developer who was involved in many scams and scandals. In 2001, Schell spent $35,000 on an 80-year-old red lace-leaf Japanese maple. When taxpayers voiced their outrage, he quickly suggested that public school students should raise the money to pay for it. (This story has apparently been scrubbed from the Internet.)

Ironically, Schell is one of my biggest heroes. In 2002, the cocksucker was campaigning on or near the spot where an African American motorist had been murdered by Seattle’s famously corrupt cops. An African American activist named James C. Garrett angrily approached Schell and apparently bashed him in the face with a megaphone. Garrett was tried, acted as his own attorney, and amazingly beat the charges. However, the Seattle Times insisted that he be tried again. The second time around, Garrett was sentenced to prison. Frankly, I think he should have been punished for not finishing the job and sending Schell to hell.

When Schell died, he was appropriately commemorated by Mayor Ed Murray, who resigned after it was alleged that he was a gay pedophile. How can I top that?

John Stanford ˆ

John Stanford was a retired general who was recruited by corporate interests to serve as superintendent of the Seattle School District in 1995. Fueled by the most exaggerated praise Seattle’s media whores could dream up, Stanford was an incompetent megalomaniac who ruined school after school. You can learn more about St. Stanford on my website SeaSchools.

In 1998, it was disclosed that Stanford had leukemia. One day, the Seattle Times published a short blurb stating that Stanford had left his room without authorization so he could step outside and get some fresh air. A friend whose wife worked at the hospital called me and told me the story wasn’t true.

Sure enough, the Times published a wholly different account the next day, one that was utterly preposterous. This time around, the media whores claimed Stanford wanted to visit his home, so he slipped out of his room and started walking across town, clad only in his hospital gown and towing an IV tray. When police officers spotted him, they at first thought he was stealing hospital equipment.

In fact, Stanford’s mind was apparently scrambled by his chemotherapy. As I recall, he reportedly wandered into a grocery store, where he was picked up by police officers. At any rate, the children’s whore mercifully died shortly after. Contrary to media hysteria, few teachers or students shed any tears for the bastard.