My name is David Blomstrom. I coined the term Seattle Mafia not long after I began my journey as a political activist, about 1995. The term simply describes the de facto organized crime ring that controls Seattle and therefore Washington State.

In fact, the Seattle Mafia has international clout. Bill Gates alone is one of the most powerful (and dangerous) people in the world.


The concept of a Seattle Mafia got a shot in the arm with the publication of the sensational exposé “Who Really Runs Seattle” (Mark Worth, Nov. 12, 1998) in the Seattle Weekly, itself a key member of the Seattle Mafia. Though Worth never used the term Seattle Mafia, his article is an eye opener. However, I disagree with the first three words of the article’s byline, “It’s not a conspiracy.”

Any Washingtonian who considers him- or herself an activist should have two things in their library — a link to SeattleMafia.com and a copy of the original article “Who Really Runs Seattle.”

As if to prove me right, the Seattle Weekly has gone to extraordinary lengths to erase Worth’s masterpiece from the public’s mind. Key portions of the article cannot be accessed online. To read the entire piece, you either have to go to a library and get that issue on microfiche or contact someone who has a copy of the original scanned into their computer. If you want to understand the political scene in Seattle or Washington, you want to have a copy of this article.

The author, Mark Worth, told me his next piece would focus on Seattle’s corrupt law firms. Curiously, it never appeared in print. One day, I received an e-mail from Worth consisting only of a terse “I’m outa here!” and he vanished.

There are three other items that have appeared in the Seattle media that I think ought to be required reading of all political science students enrolled in Washington State’s colleges and universities, all of which are probably controlled by the Seattle Mafia. All are from 1999, which was also the first year I ran for public office. In fact, I’m mentioned in The Olchefske Files (James Bush, Seattle Weekly, Sept. 15, 1999), which is apparently a conspiracy within a conspiracy. (If you read it, see how many conspiracies and scandals you can count in that one article.)

The second is the first sentence of Amateur Hour in Seattle (Michelle Malkin, Jewish World Review, Dec. 6, 1999):

“AS I WATCHED FIRE, tear gas, and mass chaos consume Seattle last week, one wicked little thought crossed my mind: It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving city.”

Ah, Hell, you might as well read the entire piece, which focuses on the epic anti-WTO protest that came to be known as the Battle of Seattle. Or read the same article in the Seattle Times, which changed the title to The Cattle In Seattle: You Guys Had It Coming (Dec. 7, 1999).

A lot of liberals who read this might fume, “Michelle Malkin? She’s a right-wing whore!”

I couldn’t agree more. It appears that she sold her soul for thirty pieces of silver, as have most of my liberal would be allies. But love her or hate her, Malkin wrote some of the gutsiest and most truthful pieces that ever appeared in the Seattle Times. Which brings me to the last item on my Recommended Reading list, Malkin’s last piece as a Seattle Times columnist, A Few Parting Questions; Thanks For The Memories (July 27, 1999).

Sadly, my knowledge of the Seattle Mafia can still be compared to an unfinished jigsaw puzzle missing key pieces. However, a huge piece of the puzzle fell in place in 2015 with my discovery of Jewarchy (Jewish corruption). I learned that Seattle’s media is largely controlled by Jewish entities, and I have a pretty good hunch Jews may largely control the city’s public schools as well.

In other news, I decided to reach a bigger audience by putting information about the Seattle Mafia on my primary political website, Politix, which is mirrored by Geobop.com. In fact, I’m working on a series — Seattle Mafia 101.

This website serves primarily as an introduction to the Seattle Mafia. It may also serve as a dumping ground for material that’s not suitable for a general audience. After all, I have a reputation for calling a spade a spade. 😉

Below is a list of Seattle Mafia highlights, a mixture of amazing events/facts and intriguing questions.

• The Garfield High School Conspiracy of 1970
• The WTO Protest — Was there a single Seattleite who really played a significant role in that epic event?
• Is the best journalist in recent Seattle history really right-wing shill Michelle Malkin?
• How many times has the Seattle Mafia made citizens vote THREE times before they got the result they wanted?
• Did Bill Gates take classes from the late celebrity pedophile Gary Little?
• Would Gary Little be the Seattle Czar if he hadn’t committed suicide?
• How did the Seattle School District fall into the hands of the “Black Mafia”?
• John Stanfordmania — The media’s bizarre cheerleading for a senile retired general turned school superintendent
• Was Cheryl Chow grooming students for sex while serving as interim principal at Garfield High School?
• Are Ellen Roe and Barbara Schaad-Lamphere dead yet?