Greetings from Microsoftville

Welcome to the shitty city of Seattle, where every notable structure from the Seattle Schools headquarters to the Seattle Times building is rumored to be a haven for gay pedophiles.

Seattle Schools Headquarters
Seattle Times

Or are the pedophiles operating out of one of Seattle’s sleazy law firms?

K&L Gates
Perkins Come

Many minorities who have been driven out of Seattle by “gentrification” believe they were really pushed out by Jews. They may be right; Seattle is looking more Jewish every day.

Ben Bridge, JEWeller
Uncle Ikes

But the Jews seem invisible in the shadow of those twin sports stadiums that appear to be a subsidiary of Microsoft. (Gotta love that name, Rapeco Field.)

Sports Stadiums

You might think you’re on a different planet if you drive by the late Paul Allen’s Experience Music Museum, which one local media whore compared to a crushed Coke can. It’s just across the street from the headquarters of the Gates Foundation, an investment firm masquerading as a charity. Even the headquarters is tax-subsidized.


Rumor has it that the secretive Washington Roundtable meets here.

Washington Roundtable Headquarters

Thank God Seattle still has its most famous icon, the Space Needle. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time visiting without bumping into a lot of corporate scum, yuppies, Jews, and pedophiles. But, hey, that’s Seattle!

Space Needle